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Different models to match various workloads
To suit various workload requirements for Elisa testing, AIKANG offers four different sizes of automated Elisa processors to accommodate small to very high sample throughput. All AIKANG models – AE 75, AE 90, AE 120 and AE 150 – have been designed to meet the require- ments of the IVD-D 98/79/EC and perform the complete automation of Elisa testing: sample identification, sample distribution, reagent distribu- tion, temperature controlled incubating, shaking, plate washing, plate reading and result reporting.
Processing speed
All AIKANG AE models can pipette, shake and incubate on the same multifunctional microplate position in order to improve processing speed. Each incubator has its own temperature control. A lid is automatically placed onto the plate while incubating to avoid evaporation. Samples, reagents, microplates and tips can be continuously loaded.
Zero carryover
Aikang AE models use high quality disposable tips to effectively avoid carryover and ensure accurate results.
Intelligent buffer management system
Each washer can control up to 8 wash channels for different wash buffers. Volumes are monitored. Each container is equipped with an IC-Card, containing information such as type of buffer etc.
Software features
Simple GUI. Users are guided in a step by step procedure to prepare the worktable,   select their assays and start the run. Bidirectional interface allows the integration into a LIMS for transferring job lists and results. Access control for different user levels. Dynamic scheduling of assays allows for optimized throughput. Continuous loading of samples, reagents and additional plates and tips. History log file and comprehensive QC program. Analyzing data in and between plates, L-J QC charts, etc. Multiple tests per plate. Parallel sample distribution within a plate or over several plates. Liquid level and clot detection. Maintenance protocols for daily and routine maintenance. Job lists, different tests can be assigned to each sample by either downloading the job list from LIMS or by creating job lists manually.
3D-Simulation mode
The simulation mode allows you to visually check and verify your processes after setting up new assays and test methods.

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